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What Gold Coins Can You Use In Your Roth Ira?

Hey! hope you are fine this day, my name is Harry and I'm going to show you quickly what are the top 5 roth ira gold coins you can invest to diversify your portfolio. For the vast majority of retired people (or people planning their retirement soon) is extremely important to use some kind of hedge against inflation and at the same time gain some long term benefits from these long-life work savings.

If you have been thinking about rolling over your 401k to a gold ira or planning to buy some gold coins, this straight to the point page will give you all the details (including a well-commented gold custodian where you can acquire them). Watch this video to take a look quickly the gold coins approved by IRS to invest in your gold roth ira.

Roth Ira

Highly preferred by people wanting to take control of their retirement accounts, the Roth Ira (Taking his name by Senator William Roth) is an independent retirement account that you can create directly with your custodian company.

A lot of people like to opt for this kind of account because employers have nothing to do with them. When you open a roth ira account, immediately you will have a wide investment selection (gold coins, gold bullion, silver, platinum, ETF, stocks, etc) so you can direct deposit your funds into the roth ira and start your movements.

Tax-free withdrawal from your roth IRA is allowed when you reach the 59 and half year old and you have had the plan for at least 5 years. One of the main reasons people should opt for 401k rollover to roth ira is simple: it lets you maintain the tax-deferred benefits while avoiding taxes and penalties, so you will save more money than expected. Normally when people keep their 401k, change the current jobs and start earning a higher income, the tax bracket will be high too.

Instead, roth iras do not affect your current income so you money keeps earning more money. There are a lot of instruments people like to invest their roth iras, however gold coins themselves have a special attractive: variety and pureness. Let me show you what IRS have established as a secured vehicule for your roth ira.

For information you can visit the website www.goldirarolloverguide.org and learn how you can invest in gold using your current IRA.

Roth Ira Gold Coins Rules

Normally the IRS prohibits contributing to an IRA with collectibles, including many precious metals. However, IRS regulations presently allows certain bars and coins in an IRA. Fineness quality requiered for gold coins is 99.995% percent and their value is based solely on their purity, nothing else.

 Here are 5 of the most common gold coins used by people in Roth IRA's: American Eagle Gold Coins US Buffalo Gold Coins Austrian Philarmonic Australian Maple Leaf Gold Coins Australian Kangaroo Coins Remember...Gold coins must have a fineness quality of .9999 percent in order to meet the IRS regulations. Let me show you how each of them look like.

American Eagle Gold Coins

This type of coin was fisrt introduced in 1986 by the American Mint once a law passed in Dec 1985 ratified the creation of American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins. However the first designs for this coin was introduced back in 1849, when US Congress ratified $20 dollar American Eagle Coins. Some years later, government ordered the retirement of this coins and melting down each one of these. But, some coines were salvaged and now they are the most expensive and high-value gold coins in the US.

In order to meet the quality control established by US governemt, this kind of coins have 22 karat of gold. This gold is entirely sourced from the United States, particularly from new gold deposits discovered.

US Buffalo Gold Coins

Widely know as the "buffalo coin", is one of the most purchased and wanted gold coins, not only in the US but also worldwide. This particular is a 24 karat gold coin ideal for roth IRA accounts, even above the American Eagle. Although the vast majority of people wanted to buy American Eagle, the Buffalo Coin is one of those coins made 100% pure gold.Why a Buffalo?

Well...this coin features de first design used in the Indian Head back in 1913. If you don't know, the Indian Head is commonly used as a symbol of the antigue American West. The front of this coin features an indian chief back in the 1900's and the back features an American Bison which was a common buffalo at this time.

Austrian Philarmonic Gold Coins

The Austrian Philarmonic Gold Coins is one those Roth IRA eligible coins ready to be consigned as an investment instrument. This scpecial was minted in 1989 and currently denominated in euro. His name is taken from the back design: the hall of the Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra, and the front side show different instruments used by the orchestra such as violin, bassoon, harp, string bass and cellos. This particular is as special as the previous one, the Buffalo US Coin: they carry a .9999 pureness and 24 karats. Once again, is one of the top uncirculated gold coins available for those want to rollover their 401k into ira or already have a roth ira.

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

First introduced in 1979 and authorized by Canada Government as an investment vehicle, the Canadian maple leaf gold coin is one of the most desired Ira eligibile gold coins available to buy on internet and through your gold ira company. What people like about this coin? Once again the purity: .99999 and his 24 karat gold as the Buffalo and Philarmonic ones.

The Royal Canadian Mint was the first entity in adopting the concept that gold coins not necessary should be made with alloy in order to produce the insignia: the maple leaf. As you can see in the picture, the maple leaf is made by pure gold. The design for this coin is so attractive: the maple leaf the front side, national symbol of Canada and the Queen Elizabeth II on the other side.

Australian Kangaroo Coins

This is a modern gold coin also based in .9999 purity and 24 karat. As the Maple Leaf one, the Australian Kangarro coin also features an image of Elizabeth II on the back side and a Kangaroo, as a tribute for one of the classic animals found all across Australia. Main difference between this kind of gold coin and the other ones is the protective covering.

When you purchase the Australian kangaroo ones, you will always see that they come individually capsulated in order to avoid damages. Smart gold coins investors usually advice that people who want to invest in gold coins, should choose between the Australian Kangaroo or the Austrian Philarmonic because of both kind of coins are not easily scratched or damanged. Although I consider that each one of the above coins can be used as roth ira gold coins since they are goind to be stored and managed by ira custodians.

Who Can Help You Opening A Gold Roth Ira?

I know it is not easy to take this kind of decisions and specially if you already know what are the roth ira gold coins but unsure what's the next step to take. For that, Tyler, an expert gold investment consultant from Regal Assets (company featured multiple times by the Smart Money magazine as one of the most growing gold investment channels in the US) is ready to take 30-60 minutes with you for free. Go and check it out.

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